WHOOP Gen 3.0 Order Status

To look up the status of an order, including the shipping date, please enter your order # below.

You can find your order number on the receipt of your purchase, it is of the format #B followed by 6 numbers, e.g. #B111111

Due to overwhelming demand, there is a wait time for orders to ship. We are working as quickly as possible to fulfill orders as inventory levels allow. This tool will give the best current estimate of when we expect your order to ship.


There was an error looking up your order. Please ensure you typed in the correct order ID from the receipt (#B followed by 6 numbers). If you are still encountering problems, please email support@whoop.com

Order Status

Order ID: {{order.orderId}}

Current Status: {{order.stageName}}

Shipping*: {{order.estimatedShipping}}

Tracking Number: {{order.trackingNumber}}

Shipping Method: {{order.shippingMethod}}

Strap Colors in Order: {{order.skuColors}}

Order Date: {{order.closeDate}}

*This is our best current estimate for when shipping will start. All orders are processed on a first ordered, first fulfilled basis as inventory levels allow. If you do not receive a shipping confirmation email within 2 weeks of the start shipping date, please contact support@whoop.com